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"The Sipping Point" Sophia Kopko, ES375, Sp2018

THINKOUTSIDE is Eckerd's school motto, and our students are committed to it! Learning how best to communicate about, and take action on important environmental issues is one essential part of that commitment. Eckerd students have taken this to heart. Environmental Communication and Climate Change Communication classes have been offered since 2017, and this page is dedicated to sharing their communication projects and successes.

Have fun exploring our site! The class blogs feature student projects communicating about various environmental issues all over the country and even internationally! Enjoy!

Dylan Miller, ES375 Fa2017

ES375 - Communication ideas and projects for a variety of environmental issues

Olivia London, Sp2022

ES475 - Insights, research, and ideas for communicating about climate change

New Science Communication portfolios coming to TALKOUTSIDE

Students in the new Science Communication and Public Engagement course at Eckerd College have been working hard to produce their own science communication portfolio websites! These will soon be linked and available right here on TALKOUTSIDE! 

Read more about the course and the portfolios!

GET INVOLVED! Featured Student Projects

Want to listen to some awesome climate podcasts for kids? Check out Kids4Climate here! Parents might even learn something, too!
A creative and engaging climate change workbook for kids? Does that even exist? It does, right here!
FishingforaFuture on Instagram is an environmental awareness campaign about commercial fishing practices featuring all original infographics
Learn a fun card game AND learn about endagered species! Play CritterFluxx (password: boopthesnoot)

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This website is managed by Jo Huxster, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Eckerd College. 

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